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What is CO and FTA?


The full name of FTA is Free Trade Agreement.

It is a legally binding contract between two countries or more countries to promote economic integration.

One of the goals of FTA is to eliminate trade barriers and allow the free flow of goods and services among the countries in the agreement.

Here the trade barriers can be tariffs, complex rules and so on. The evidence of the FTA is the certificate of origin, such as China- Pakistan Certificate of Origin, Certificate of Origin under the ASIA-PACIFIC Trade Agreement.

The example of FTA


The full name of CO is Certificate of Origin of the People’s Republic of China.

CO is an according to prove the goods comply with the “Rules of origin for exporting foods of the People’s Republic of China”.

The customs of the importing country will use CO to check the tax rate.

It means if you are the exporter, the customs of your customer will judge the customs tax rate according to the CO which is provided by you.

CO is full of legal competitiveness and is one of the  the indispensable foreign trade documents for customs clearance, foreign exchange settlement and trade statistics.

The example of CO

As of today, Sep 6th, 2021, China’s Free Trade Agreements have,

Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)

China-Cambodia FTA

China-Mauritius FTA

China-Maldives FTA

China-Georgia FTA

China-Australia FTA

China-Korea FTA

China-Switzerland FTA

China-Iceland FTA

China-Costa Rica FTA

China-Peru FTA

China-Singapore FTA

China-New Zealand FTA (including upgrade)

China-Chile FTA

China-Pakistan FTA


China-Norway FTA

Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement

Mainland and Macao Closer Economic and Partnership Arrangement

Also, there are a lot of new partners under negotiation, such as Sri Lanka, Israel, Norway, Moldova, Panama and so on.

FTA and CO are both the Certificates of Origin.

However, FTA is a proof of preferential tariff, while CO is a general certificate of original land.

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