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Medical Luer Lock Connector

Luer lock is also know as luer tap.

It is an international standard tapered termination which is followed by the most syringe and infusion set manufacturers world around.

By following this standard, all the components can be easily connected during the work of nurses and doctors. In the medical field, the standard luer tap is 6% (6:100). But according to the new rules of ISO 80369-7, there are some new regulation about the luer taper, the standard and dimensions will be different according to different materials ( cause the hardness of the different materials are so different).

More information you can find in this article,Luer taper on Wikipedia.

For the medical luer lock connectors in our product categories, we mainly divide them into two kinds, male luer lock and female luer lock.

Here is an image for you to recognize male luer lock and female luer lock.

You can easily distinguish them from their shapes. The male luer lock tap is always inside of the connector. The female luer lock tap is outside.

The male luer lock connector can connect the female luer lock. Oppositely the female luer lock connector is connect the male luer lock.

Here is the link of our luer lock connectors, please check, and any questions are welcomed.

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