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Hi, everyone. It is so nice to have this opportunity to introduce Plaspart to you.

We are a company which supply various medical devices, such as infusion sets, blood sets, CVC kits and so on, also all the components of them are available and the components are our main products.

Products Categories

Normally, we have 9 categories of the products according to their functions.

In the future I will explain more of our products and let you know better with them.

If you want to distinguish all the products by the applications, we often divide them into 9 kinds.

  • Respiratory
  • Bioprocess
  • Bloodline
  • Vascular Access
  • Cardiology
  • Enteral
  • Optics
  • Neuraxial
  • Urology and Drainage

But in fact, in the medical devices, a lot of the components are basic parts in the whole system. So it is so hard to divide them strictly. That is why Plaspart distinguish all of our products by the functions. If you have any doubts during the purchasing work, our team is 24 hours here.

Our Production and Goods

All of the products we make are used the high-quality, new, medical- grade raw material. MSDS, TDS and other documents are available.

We have the qualified medical grade workshop with ISO13485. The whole production are in the ISO 14644-1 cleaning room, also known as 100,000 level cleaning room. Full documents will be sent to you once we finished the production. And we will try our best to protect your rights and always consider the things from your side.

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Yani Shi

Yani Shi

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